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Dieter Friede

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Dieter Friede

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The purpose of our web pages is to inform customers about our products. We take great care to provide accurate information, however it can hardly be avoided that sometimes errors find their way into our pages. Therefore we accept no liability for the accuracy and completeness of the information provided on these pages. Further we reserve the right to change our pages without prior notice.

All information provided on these pages is to be seen as basic information about our products. In no way shall such information be misunderstood as expert advice.
We accept no liability for any loss or damage resulting from the use of any information provided on these pages.
Especially corrosion protection is a complex matter. We recommend to obtain qualified expert advice prior to purchasing and/or applying/using any of our products.


The copyright for all content is either with Duromac Deutschland GmbH or CorrPre Engineering. We are happy if you like our pictures and we usually have no objection to you using them for your own purposes. Please request permission (free of charge) and tell us what you want to do with them. Also, if possible, please mention the origin of the pictures or link to our site. Thank you!
An exception from the above are some documents in the download section. Copyrights for these are as specified in the respective document.


Should you contact us, e. g. by e-mail, we may store and use the data provided by you as we require it to do our job, unless you expressly disagree with such use of your data. In no case will we share your data with any third party without your consent. Further we strive to protect any of your in data our possession from unauthorized access to our utmost abilities.
ServerLogs (error.log, access.log) will be deleted after 10 days.
After these log-files have been analyzed (using webalizer or awstats) for statistic purposes (e.g. evaluation of banner ads), IP-addresses will be modified such, that relating these IP-addresses to individuals is not possible anymore.
From the server's weblogs we may produce statistics using the software from The statistics will show at what times files were requested from a particular IP-address. Such data will not be related to any individuals.

Should there be any third party content embedded in our web pages, it is unavoidable that your IP-address gets forwarded to such third party.


We intend not to use cookies, but unfortunately we cannot completely rule out, that software used on the web-server is using cookies. Should you want to make sure that the use of cookies is safely blocked, we recommend to configure your web-browser accordingly.

Personal data:

Upon written request we will inform you about any personal data about you in our possession, rectify them or delete them.


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