durable structures


Corrosion protection for steel in concrete...

... is our passion. Reinforcement corrosion causes severe damage. With our products we help to preserve structures and protect investments. Extended life cycles improve return on investments and durable structures have a lesser impact on the environment.

Lochkorrosion an Stahlbetonbewehrung.


Reinforced concrete struc­tures are generally con­sidered to be very durable. Environ­mental factors and expo­sure to sub­stances that cause (electro-)chemical re­actions in con­crete how­ever, may signi­ficantly reduce their designed life span and function­ality. [...]

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Chloridinduzierte Korrosion (6).

Reinforcement Corrosion

Corrosion of steel in con­crete is usu­ally caused by either carbonation of the con­crete or by conta­mination of the con­crete with chlorides. [...]

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Installation duromac CP.

The duromac CP-System

The duromac CP cor­rosion pro­tection system usually is used on exis­ting con­crete struc­tures, after defects from cor­roding rein­force­ment have been ob­served. [...]

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